History of the Winery

The Winery


The alliance of Hacienda Calavia Winery and Bodega Marques de Reinosa in Autol ( La Rioja), has been in existence for more than 60 years, with the qualification of the ¨Rioja Denomination of Origin¨.


Don Joaquin Garrada and Orate, First Marques de Reinosa Established their winery in Autol in 1858. Orate was staunch defender of Spanish wine makers and the production of high quality wines during his time as a Senator of the kingdom os Spain, in this regard.


The Cutillas family, with more than 36 years experience as promoters and producers of high quality Spanish wines, along with Bodega Marques de Reinosa and the combined talent of Enologist Ana Rubio, have created exceptional combinations of Crianza and Reserva wines, to produce the ¨Hacienda Calavia Group¨.


With a continual program of developing and improving our wines, to give each one its own personality and individuality, while keeping a constant eye on changing and evolving tastes.


Over recent years we have developed our Rose and White wines with freshness and quality in mind. As a result, we have had a very good response to these new additions.


The cultivation of our vineyards is continually monitored by the plant protection services of the Government of La Rioja. Always complying with the specific criteria of soil type climatology geographical situation of the vineyards, age of the vineyards variety of grape etc… to a very high standard, aiding our D.O. Status.

Utilizing the most up to date Automated machines in our continually evolving winery, allows the process from Harvesting the grapes, to their fermentation, and the development of the grape coat to evolve less aggressively, through rigorous control of temperature, therefore producing a more enriched color and aroma to start the process of creating the wine.

The best wines produced from each vintage are placed in french and american oak barrels in a climatically controlled environment for a minimum of three to five years, to allow a more relaxed aging.